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A meal doesn't have to cost a fortune or be served at a place with white tablecloths to be good. So leave your sport coats and high heels at home and keep it casual with simple classics at these locally-owned restaurants.

You definitely want fries with that.

Don’t worry about reservations, don’t worry about not being able to pronounce something on the menu, and don’t worry about having to pretend like you can tell the difference between a cheap wine and an expensive wine. Just come on in, sit down, and savor a stress-free dining experience where no one cares if you’ve got a little barbecue sauce on your face—in fact, it might even be encouraged.

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Pi-Squared Pizza Boiling Springs

We’re “Pi-Lingual” Home to the square and round pizza! Our Square Detroit-style Pizza has a meticulously mastered crust that’s fluffy on the inside and caramelized with a crunchy layer of cheese on the sides.

Sophia’s Restaurant

Sophia’s Restaurant offers the best authentic Italian cuisine. We offer a variety of signature Italian dishes, as well as mouthwatering salads and heroes. Sofia’s has every Italian dish you could possibly desire, from an authentic chicken parmigiana to homemade pasta with Bolognese.

Sugah Cakes

Sugah Cakes Bakery’s online store where you can purchase cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and other sweet treats and have them delivered to your door!

Wings Etc

Our name is Wings Etc. The “Wings” part is fairly obvious–it’s the “Etc.” that surprises a lot of people.