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Maps, Guides, Trails & Tours

Hit the ground running as soon as you get in town with these maps, guides, trails, and tours which showcase the highlights of Spartanburg’s rich heritage as well as its most spectacular outdoor recreation spots.

The Spartanburg Destination Guide

Looking for a bite to eat? Want to make plans for the evening? Or are you looking to relocate to Spartanburg permanently?

Our new destination guide has the information you need whether you’re a visitor or a potential new Spartanburger. Use the guide of local favorites to plan your visit to Spartanburg, or to map out places to check out once you’re a local yourself.


The Meetings Planner Guide

Spartanburg offers meeting and event planners grade-A support services, flexibility and plenty of facilities. We’ve got all the resources you need to host a memorable event.

Get started with your planning with this event planners guide.


Maps: Cycling Spartanburg

spartanburg cycling around town map
Spartanburg Road Bike Map – Around Town
spartanburg cycling south map
Spartanburg Road Bike Map & Guide – Heading South
spartanburg cycling north map
Spartanburg Road Bike Map & Guide – Heading North
spartanburg cycling east map
Spartanburg Road Bike Map & Guide – Heading East
spartanburg cycling duncan park map
Spartanburg Bike Trail System – Duncan Park


Maps: Spartanburg Walking Tours & Trail Maps

spartanburg revolutionary war trail map
Spartanburg History – Revolutionary War Trail Self-Guided Tour
spartanburg music trail map
Spartanburg Culture – Music Trail Self-Guided Tour
spartanburg downtown walking tour map
Spartanburg History – Historic Downtown Self-Guided Tour
spartanburg downtown cultural district asset map
Spartanburg Culture – Downtown Cultural District Asset Map
spartanburg croft state park trail map
Croft State Park Trail Map



Want even more ideas? Check out some of our favorite itineraries for exploring what Spartanburg has to offer. From trails to history to food and music, there’s no shortage of ways to spend your days in Spartanburg!


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