food & drink

Spartanburg is a beacon for foodies from all over. You could eat out every meal, every day, for weeks, and never eat at the same place or have the same meal twice. So if you’re looking for fine dining with white linens or a T-shirt-casual lunch counter, Spartanburg has you covered.

Southern Style

Sure we have Italian restaurants, Mexican food, and delicious Chinese takeout, but for an authentic taste of Spartanburg, visit a meat-and-three, barbecue hut, or fish camp (any of which will leave you double-dipped and deep-fried in local flavor). Indulge in a pulled-pork aplenty, piled mile-high with French fries and onion rings followed by a sip of ice-cold sweet tea.

While you’re indulging, be sure to check out the local breweries, distilleries, wine bars, and craft beer houses peppered throughout the area. There’s quite a few, so please…sip in moderation.