Traditional Eats in Spartanburg County

Traditional Eats in Spartanburg County

Traditional Eats in Spartanburg County

Spartanburg is home to innovation and cutting-edge technology in business, medicine and education. But, when it comes to dining, the Hub City never forgets the classics.

Spartanburg is home to more than a handful of longstanding, iconic eateries serving up menus that have rarely changed, much to the delight of diners. Southern cooking – whatever your idea of it is – can be found in Spartanburg. From a cheeseburger plate with onion rings to the widely-popular meat and three, Spartanburg’s traditional restaurants have been leaving diners stuffed and satisfied for a long time.

Ike’s Korner Grille

104 Archer Road, Spartanburg

When it comes to one of the best burgers in Spartanburg, don’t judge the book by its cover.

Ike’s is home to one of the most unique atmospheres in Spartanburg. Ike’s has a dive-bar feel. Inside, its dark and you’re likely to notice the vintage racing and beer memorabilia that covers the walls.

You’re also likely to notice the intoxicating smell of Ike’s burgers being made.

At Ike’s burgers are best “all the way” with chili, mustard and onions and a healthy pile of napkins – you’ll need them. If you’re not in the mood for a burger, Ike’s has wings, hot dogs and more, not to mention some dynamite sweet tea.

Nu-Way Lounge

373 E. Kennedy St., Spartanburg

Chances are, if a business is still going after 80 years, they’re doing something right.

The Nu-Way Lounge, tucked on the outskirts of Downtown Spartanburg, personifies that.

Known for their “Redneck Burger,” used with admiration, Nu-Way has been a go-to bar eliciting the feeling of an old-school pub for many since it opened. The Redneck Burger, by the way, features a plump patty topped with freshly-made pimento cheese and chili.

Nu-Way still boasts its original carpeted floors and much of the original wood-paneled walls. The décor inside, once described as “trailer fabulous,” feels familiar and welcoming to anyone looking to wash down a Pabst Blue Ribbon or a Budweiser on the cheap after a long day.

Wade’s Restaurant

1000 N. Pine St., Spartanburg

Simply put, at Wade’s Restaurant, it’s Thanksgiving all year long.

The long-popular meat-and-three serves old favorites, many of which were born of family recipes. Wade’s is an absolute Spartanburg staple, serving fried chicken, turkey and all the fixings you’d expect on a table on Thanksgiving Day like green beans, mashed potatoes and sweet potato souffle.

Family-owned since its opening in 1947, Wade’s became a key part of Spartanburg after a 22-year campaign featuring “punny” takes on meats and vegetables. Some classics over the years were Yam Newton, a take on Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and the “Brockettes,” featuring broccoli stocks dancing suspiciously like the famous Radio City Rockettes.


212 S. Pine St.

Sugar-n-Spice relishes in taking people back to a time of drive-ins and doo-wop.

Opened in 1961 as a drive-in with a take-out counter, the menu at Sugar-n-Spice has only changed one time – the addition of souvlaki, a Greek dish, and grilled chicken.

Diners from the 60s would be just as comfortable with the menu today, featuring the signature “superboy” burger, hot dogs, sandwiches and salads along with their classic French fires and onion rings.

True to the theme, Sugar-n-Spice hosts the Classic Chevy Club for cruise-ins to show off classic cars and relive the days of the 1950s and 60s.

The Beacon

255 John B. White Sr. Blvd., Spartanburg

A landmark that has been featured on national TV numerous times, The Beacon has been serving up dishes “a-plenty” for more than 70 years.

Another burger-centric spot, The Beacon’s red and white-striped light tower is an unmissable, well, beacon of Spartanburg.

For years, J.C. Stroble was the face of the restaurant. The tradition of shouting customer orders to kitchen workers still remains as diners order up heaping helpings of burgers, fries, barbecue and sweet tea so good that it’s sold in local grocery stores.



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