Putting the Burgers in Spartanburg

Putting the Burgers in Spartanburg

Putting the Burgers in Spartanburg

Put on your stretchy pants, order a sweet tea, and get ready to sink your teeth into some of Spartanburg’s best burgers. 

For generations, Spartanburg has enjoyed that slice of Americana you experience when you order a cheeseburger and a side of fries from a drive-in or a local dive. Whether you enjoy getting your burger “a-plenty” from The Beacon and Sugar-N-Spice, or you prefer to customize your toppings however you like, come see how we’re putting the burgers in Spartanburg.


The award-winning Redneck Burger is just one of the highlights during your trip to Nu-Way Lounge.

Our tour-de-burgers kicks off in the place that started it all, Nu-Way Lounge. First opened in 1937, Nu-Way prides itself on being Spartanburg’s oldest bar and has been a go-to spot for juicy burgers downtown for generations. Take one step inside, and you’ll experience the dive atmosphere that makes this spot a favorite among locals. 

The two words you need to remember when visiting Nu-Way are “Redneck Burger.” Voted the best burger in South Carolina by Food Network, you’re going to want to try this hand-patted burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, chili, mustard, mayo, ketchup and, of course, homemade pimento cheese. Pair it with a brew of your choice and you’re in for a delicious time.

On top of award-winning burgers and a unique atmosphere, Nu-Way also embraces the Lounge aspect of their name with live music, trivia, and karaoke happening regularly. 


The Wall of Fame burger from Ike's Korner Grill in Spartanburg
Try your luck with the Wall of Fame burger challenge at Ike’s Korner Grill.

For over 50 years, Ike’s has been serving up delicious burgers to locals and visitors alike. Beat the rush with an early lunch and be sure to grab a seat at the bar for the full experience. While other items on their menu are delicious, such as the bologna sandwich, you’re really here to sink your teeth into one of their too-big-to-handle burgers next to some fresh-cut fries. 

From the pimento cheeseburger to a triple burger topped with strips of bacon, you can’t go wrong crafting everything to your liking, but we recommend the chili cheeseburger “all the way.” Topped with a slice of cheese freshly cut, homemade chili, mustard and onions, this burger will take you on a flavor journey that you won’t soon forget. 

If you’re looking to get your picture on the Wall of Fame, or if you’re just REALLY hungry then try your luck with Ike’s Wall of Fame challenge. Once you tackle the four burger patties, 15 slices of bacon, two thick-cut slices of bologna, two eggs, six ounces of cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapeños, mustard, mayo, chili, slaw, and a side of fries you’ll walk away with your picture on the Wall of Fame and a free t-shirt. 


2019 Burger Cook-Off Winner at Cribb's Kitchen
Taste the 2019 Burger Cook-Off winner, the Belly Dancer, at Cribb’s Kitchen.

While not as old as Nu-Way or Ike’s, Cribb’s Kitchen on Main Street has quickly become a household name in Spartanburg’s culinary scene. Across the street from the AC Hotel Spartanburg and right next to RJ Rockers, Cribb’s Kitchen is a must-visit during your trip to Spartanburg. 

With a variety of burgers available that will all tantalize your tastebuds, try
one of their Burger Cook-Off winners such as the Barnyard, Jalapeño
Popper, or 2019’s winner, the Belly Dancer. Crispy pork belly, slaw, wasabi
aioli, and a sweet soy glaze sit on top of the Belly Dancer for a mouth-watering experience that will, indeed, have you dancing with joy. 


Burger at Baber Rhyne in Spartanburg

The former owners of the popular Le Spice Restaurant & Bakery opened Chef Ae’s in the former Baber Rhyne building near Wofford College. The restaurant offers delectable burgers along with Chef Ae’s personally-inspired French and Thai twists on sandwiches, salads and entrees.

The menu also highlights French-inspired desserts to add the perfect finishing touch to your meal.

As Spartanburg’s culinary scene continues to grow, so does our love for the classic burger. Restaurants that have served generations such as Nu-Way and Ike’s have paved the way for the new-kids-on-the-block like Cribbs Kitchen and Baber Rhyne to dish out delicious burgers. 

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