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Exploring Spartanburg’s West Side

If you haven’t explored Spartanburg’s west side, you’re missing out on modern twists on the tastes of Spartanburg’s history, authentic and creative international flavors, outdoor adventures and adventurous arts showcasing …

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Pet-Friendly Spots Around Spartanburg County

Now more than ever, pets are part of our families. We go on walks together, we play together, we take selfies together, we call them our “furbabies,” and we even share our beds with them.

Treat Yourself: Spartanburg’s Spas, Salons and More

Treat yourself! It’s everyone’s favorite self-indulgent permission, inspired by NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” Nice clothes, delectable wine and food, spa treatments; it’s all fair game if you plan on treating …

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A Couples’ Itinerary: Spend a Romantic Weekend in Spartanburg

Remind your partner of just how much you cherish them and how important your beautiful relationship is by planning a romantic getaway to Spartanburg—South Carolina’s best kept secret.

Dray: Bar+Grill, Spartanburg

What to Do Inside When It’s Cold Outside

South Carolina is known for its hot and humid summers, but winter and cold temperatures do find their way to the Palmetto state. In Spartanburg, the cold weather can be …

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