Antiques Shops in Landrum, SC

Antiques Shops in Landrum, SC

Antiques Shops in Landrum, SC

Landrum, a stone’s throw from Tryon, has earned a reputation as a regional leader in things you can’t really find anywhere else. The small town with mountain views is home to several antiques shops, each housing some of the most eclectic, creative and downright beautiful pieces in the area.

The Shops at Landrum Antique Mall, formerly Landrum Antiques and Furniture, features a wide array of antique pieces, from dining sets to furniture to old-timey accessories sure to add a touch of flare to any space.

Horse & Home has assembled a selection of products and antiques for horse lovers in the area. Horse & Home’s selection works just as well for a home as it would a stable, with equestrian-themed lamps and paintings along with dinnerware, linens, throw pillows and much more.

Millstone Gallery features a variety of art from the area, including specialty wood and carved pieces. Like much of Landrum, the equestrian community is represented by some of the drawings, paintings and sculptures housed at the Millstone Gallery.

Landrum Eclectics is home to six vendors selling some of the most interesting pieces available anywhere in the area. In a former home on Rutherford Street, the shop has indoor and outdoor decorations and furniture. Landrum Eclectics has over the years garnered a reputation for its array of Christmas decorations, and the friendly dogs that greet customers as they pull up.

Another Time Another Place features antiques from, well, another time. The shop has been in business for more than 15 years and caters to anyone on the prowl for collectibles or hard-to-find vintage items.

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