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We’re bursting with opportunities for you and your little ones, tweens, and teens to stay active, immerse yourselves in our nation’s history, view and create art, conduct science experiments, and enjoy nature.

Kid-friendly, adult-worthy fun.

While you may know that the Spartanburg area has plenty of places to grab a handcrafted drink, the BMW Performance Center, and more for adults to enjoy, we’ve also got wholesome fun for the whole family.

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Stewart Park

This is the park where you can just about do it all. If you like to dribble a ball with either your hands or your feet, catch long bombs or fly balls, score on a 10-foot-high goal or into a 20-foot-wide net, you can do it at Stewart Park.

Stoneledge Park

Built and operated by the Town of Duncan, Stone Ledge Park includes a high-quality playground, picnic shelters, a fitness trail and restrooms. It is adjacent to the Shipwreck Cove Water Park.

Trains on the Trail

The Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail is now the home to a permanent children’s scavenger hunt. Trains on the Trail consists of five bronze sculptures of trains that were seen in Spartanburg in years past.