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While we’re not quite Motor City, Spartanburg has earned it’s place in car culture history thanks to BMW. The sprawling manufacturing plant, heart-pounding Performance Driving School, and stunning Zentrum museum have been making headlines since the doors opened in 1994.

BMW Performance Center

Come to the BMW Performance Driving School and take your driving skills to the Master’s level.

Your campus: a versatile driving course where you’ll encounter a skid pad, Slalom course, and water walls all under the expert guidance of professional driving instructors, and behind the wheel of a fleet of new BMWs.

The BMW Performance Driving School is about control. It’s about pushing a BMW to its limits—and you to yours.

Not a thrill seeker? Don’t sweat it because at The Zentrum, the past, present, and future of BMW come together in a one-of-a-kind building. See the cars, the speed, the innovation–all for free in the only BMW museum in North America.

More than just a museum, The Zentrum is also a meeting and events center, a cafe, a gallery and a history lesson–all wrapped into one ultimate experience. Located next to the only BMW manufacturing plant in the U.S., this unique place offers something for just about everyone.

BMW Factory

Speaking of the factory, did you know Spartanburg County is home to the most productive BMW manufacturing plant in the world? It’s true.

But while it may seem that the manufacturing plant simply builds vehicles, they’re also helping to build a better community with focus on sustainability, community, and education.

Schedule a factory tour to learn more about how the The Ultimate Driving Machine is crafted, and the impact the plant and it’s practices have on us all.