Spartanburg, SC’s Most Instagrammable Spots

Spartanburg, SC’s Most Instagrammable Spots

Spartanburg, SC’s Most Instagrammable Spots

In addition to giving you a chance to disconnect from work, some downtime to catch up on some much-needed rest, and even an opportunity to experience new things, vacations are also great for that nice little ego-boost that comes along with each-and-every social media notification you get from all the fun new pictures you’ve been posting.

Spartanburg has got a ton of great locales where the pictures practically take themselves; be sure to stop by these hot spots and hidden gems and watch the likes roll in!

Pharmacy Coffee

Coffeeshops are getting more and more elegant every day, but we’ve got one of the most chic little cafes around! Located in the historic Montgomery Building, Pharmacy Coffee serves locally-roasted and brewed coffee in an expertly designed space complete with floor-to-ceiling windows. Sip on a perfectly poured latte and nosh on a delicate pastry as you take in the original terrazzo flooring and other architectural details—just don’t forget to snap your pic first.

Love Where You Live

While you’re downtown, stop by the intersection of West Main and Spring street for a little photoshoot with our vivid “Love Where You Live” mural. As a proud arts-town we’ve got quite a few murals, but this one is extra special as it features key aspects of Spartanburg’s identity. The 864-area code and 1831 (the year Spartanburg was founded) can be seen along with one of the city’s several nicknames, as well as our very own #OneSpartanburg hashtag. So, come strike a pose in front of this iconic backdrop, or let it shine all on it’s own—you really can’t go wrong!

Lake Bowen

Lake Bowen is a lovely oasis in Inman, SC with 33 miles of shoreline outlining a 1,534 acre lake filled with countless opportunities to take a fabulous photo. Spend an adventurous day out on the water, then head back to shore where you can enjoy your fresh catch thanks to the on-site communal grills and picnic pavilion, or dine on the water as you enjoy an authentic taste of Spartanburg County at Bowen’s Landing or the Lake Bowen Fish Camp. We also recommend you take a quick walk around Anchor Park before heading on to your next destination.

The Blue Ridge Mountains

Landrum, SC offers impressive photo ops of one of the South’s most beloved landmarks: the Blue Ridge Mountains. Aside from the impressive view, this charming town boasts a number of antique and specialty shops, as well as some of the best restaurants Spartanburg County has to offer, so it’s easy to have a little fun between snapshots. Plus, animal-lovers will be pleased to see the equestrian influences peppered throughout the town, and crafters will get a kick out of spotting squares from the Foothills Quilt Trail.

The Kennedy

Charge your battery before heading to The Kennedy because you’ll want to capture everything you lay eyes on from the exquisite black and gold Art Deco-inspired décor, to the thoughtfully-plated meals made with locally-sourced ingredients, and the stunning cocktails prepared by master bartenders. Though rest assured, it’s not all just for show—everything on their menu manages to somehow taste even better than it looks, and the service is outstanding.


While a “fully outdoor biergarten built entirely from re-purposed shipping containers” may not immediately strike you as being place that’s overflowing with great photo inspiration, you’d be surprised. Nestled into the heart of downtown Spartanburg, FR8yard is a two-story, family- and dog-friendly community gathering spot that has just the right mix of string lights, live music, and playful snacks to make any Instagrammer’s dreams come true.

Locals: where are your favorite places to photograph across Spartanburg County? Share all your favorites with #OneSpartanburg for a chance to have your photos featured on our social media accounts (and obviously follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest if you don’t already)!



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