Spartanburg County Gift Guide

Spartanburg County Gift Guide

Spartanburg County Gift Guide

Spartanburg knows good food, great times and authentic experiences.

Whether you’re planning a visit or making your holiday season gift-giving list (and checking it twice), we’ve got the gifts that will help you give a true-to-Spartanburg gift this year.

Little River Roasting

Little River Roasting is a great way to start your day off with a jolt of caffeine

Start your morning off with a caffeine buzz from Little River Roasting’s collection of coffee beans that can be shipped directly to your door. If you typically like your coffee on the lighter side check out their Cameroon Boyo Belo Farmers Light Roast. On the opposite end of the spectrum, our pick for a darker roast is their New Orleans-Style coffee. Any way you enjoy your cup in the morning, Little River Roasting has a blend that can please your taste buds, and they will also grind your beans for you no matter if you’re using it for a French press, automatic drip, or espresso.

Colonial Milling

Add “America’s Best Grits” to your breakfast from Colonial Milling Co

A staple of any Southern breakfast is the grits, and according to Southern Living, some of the best grits in America come from Colonial Milling Co. right here in Spartanburg. Used in local restaurants such as The Kennedy and Cribbs Kitchen, these grits are a great way to bring Spartanburg into your kitchen. While Colonial Milling may be known for their grits, they also have a variety of cornmeal, corn flour, and polenta available online. Not sure whether to go with the white grits or yellow grits? Order them both and tell us which one is your favorite using #OneSpartanburg on social media.

Woven Wax Candle Co. + Bridgewater Candles

Spartanburg is home to two locally-made candle companies, with seasonal fragrances and scents designed to evoke Spartanburg favorites like a candle in collaboration with Little River Roasting at Woven Wax.

Both offer online shopping and deliveries to help you shop for the scent-obsessed in your life.

Hub City Bookshop

Find your next favorite book from Hub City Bookshop

Once you’ve cooked a top-notch breakfast and brewed yourself a locally roasted coffee, it’s time to find that cozy spot in your house and break out a new book. Specializing in Southern literature and publishing Southern authors, Hub City Bookshop has been named one of the “South’s Best Bookstores” by Southern Living and was named 2019’s “Bookstore of the Year” by the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance. With an extensive catalog available to be shipped, Hub City Bookshop is your place to find books from your favorite authors and genres or help you discover something new.

UnderPin Lanes ‘N Lounge

Spartanburg’s locally-owned, downtown boutique bowling alley offers eight full-service bowling lanes, a bar and dining areas with local beer and premium cocktails. Like Craft Axe Throwing, UnderPin has party and event packages and lane reservations. And if you get hungry, Initial Q, Spartanburg’s upscale barbecue smokehouse, shares a space with UnderPin, so delicious barbecue is literally only a few feet away.

Blue Moon Specialty Foods

Blue Moon Specialty Foods has a variety of seasonings and sauces to spice up your home-cooked meals

Located in the heart of Downtown Spartanburg, Blue Moon Specialty Foods has spiced up dishes with their seasonings and sauces for years and now you can add it to your favorite home-cooked meals. Not sure where to start? Their Yep! Original seasoning is a delicious way to add flavor to chicken, fish, steak, veggies, and pretty much everything you can cook. Don’t just stop at seasonings though, Blue Moon’s sauces and marinades are perfect for slow-cooker meals, barbecue, or on top of your next burger.

BURG Apparel

If you or someone you know loved your visit to Spartanburg, or just want to rep your favorite BURG, Arrowhead Design Co.’s BURG apparel has you covered with stylish T-shirts, hats (which are a hit in Spartanburg) and accessories.

BMW Performance Driving School

A trip to the BMW Performance Driving School is the ultimate gift to that special someone with a need for speed.

Visitors will be able to take their driving skills to the next level on the skid pad, Slalom course, water wheels and more behind the wheel of a BMW that came straight off the assembly line of the German automaker’s Plant Spartanburg with the experience of a trained, professional driving instructor. This gift is sure to get the adrenaline flowing.

Craft Axe Throwing

Embrace your inner lumberjack at Craft Axe Throwing, next door to RJ Rockers. The game is simple, you throw hatchets at a giant dartboard-like target to score points. Opened in early-2020, Craft Axe Throwing is a great place for social or corporate events, with lane reservations available for varying group sizes. Online gift cards for future throwing sessions are available and easy to buy.

Dottie’s Toffee

Satisfy your cravings with Dottie’s Toffee, or send it as a gift

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Belgian chocolate bar filled with crunchy toffee crumbs from Dottie’s Toffee. Known locally for melt-in-your-mouth treats, Dottie’s Toffee is a great way to treat yourself to something sweet, and also makes a great surprise gift when you ship it to your friends and family. With milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties available, there’s a toffee that will help fulfill those sweet cravings.

Caroline’s Cakes

Another sweet Spartanburg shop shipping to you is Caroline’s Cakes. Whether you’re having a birthday or just want something sweet, these cakes are a tasty way to celebrate. Choose from delectable layered cakes or switch it up and order the perfectly portioned cake bites for a delicious dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

When you’re visiting Downtown Spartanburg, we’ve got specific shopping and gift-giving guides just for you. Check them out here:

And if you’re looking for an even more in-depth shopping guide ahead of a holiday-season visit, head to this link for a deep dive into Spartanburg’s best retail and shopping options.

After you order your favorite Spartanburg goods, take a pic and send it to us using the hashtag #OneSpartanburg and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest if you don’t already.



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