Spartanburg Coloring Pages

Spartanburg Coloring Pages

Spartanburg Coloring Pages

From the colorful murals around town to the sculptures and statues, Spartanburg is a great place to experience the arts. Add your own splash of color and help us put the art in SpARTanburg with these coloring pages showcasing a few of the most colorful spots around town.

Love Where You Live Mural

Inspired by HUB-BUB’s Love Where You Live Campaign, the Love Where You Live mural is a literal wall of color, sitting across from the Daniel Morgan Clock Tower. The mural – hugely popular for photos and selfies alike – is adorned with key aspects of Spartanburg’s identity; from its 864-area code to 1831, the year of Spartanburg’s founding.

The mural was recently given a fresh coat of paint by artists Stephen Long and Jeremy Kemp. It was originally painted by Long, Kemp, and Russell Bannan, Eli Blasko, Aimee Wise and Lily Knights.

Download Here

Downtown Spartanburg

In partnership with the Chapman Cultural Center, City of Spartanburg, the Downtown Development Partnership and OneSpartanburg, crosswalks Downtown near Morgan Square received a splash of color from local artists.

Looking for some inspiration on how to color your creative sidewalks? Check out the original works from Michael Webster, Matthew Donaldson, Frankie Page, and Adrian Meadows.

Download Here

There’s Only Mural

Back in Downtown Spartanburg, the There’s Only One. Spartanburg. mural which gave new life to the building front.

The mural, featuring a bright blue background with white letters, sits beside Lime Leaf Thai Restaurant at the corner of Main and Church Streets. The mural was designed by the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce to express Spartanburg’s unique qualities and promote the #OneSpartanburg campaign.

Download Here

Add your own splash of color to these Spartanburg spots and show them off on social media! Snap a pic of your creations, use #OneSpartanburg in your post, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest (if you don’t already.)



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