Give Dad a Father’s Day He Won’t Forget in Spartanburg

Give Dad a Father’s Day He Won’t Forget in Spartanburg

Give Dad a Father’s Day He Won’t Forget in Spartanburg

“When I was your age…..” “Hi _____, I’m dad! ” “Ask your mother.” Isn’t it hilarious how dads always seem give the same few quips and bits of advice no matter what you throw at them?

While fatherhood seems to come with some standard pieces of wisdom (“Money doesn’t grow on trees!”), that doesn’t mean you should resort to giving your ol’ man the same standard gifts year-after-year. You know: a tie, a coffee mug, a grill accessory, repeat.

This Father’s Day, instead of heading to the sporting goods store to pick out yet another “golf thingy,” show Pops just how much you’ve learned from him by taking him out for a fun experience based on all his favorite dad-isms.

Lunch at Sugar-n-Spice

They don’t make ’em like they used to.”
– Dads who know quality when they see it

double cheeseburger, onion rings, and a sweet tea from sugar n spice
Pro tip: order your entree “a plenty” and receive it buried underneath piles of onion rings and french fries

Start your afternoon together with a chili cheeseburger, hot dog, or fried chicken plate at Sugar-n-Spice and let dad relive his glory days at this classic family drive-in that was established back in 1967.

This family-owned and operated Spartanburg staple has been serving up a slice of Americana for 50 years and counting, so not only will dad enjoy the the flavors of the good ol’ days, but he’s sure to love the retro sign and iconic wavy drive-in cover the second you pull up to the restaurant.

BMW Driving Experience

Don’t make me turn this car around!”
– Dads who mean business behind the wheel

bmw driving on a steep hill
Go off-road in style at the BMW Performance Driving School

Next, bring dad to the BMW Performance Driving School where he can take his driving skills to the master level.

Push him to his limits in the best possible way on this versatile driving course. He’ll be able to conquer a skid pad, Slalom course, water walls, and more behind the wheel of a new BMW straight off the assembly line under the expert guidance of professional a driving instructor.

DIY Brewery Tour

While you’re up, can you grab me a beer?”
– Dads who use their resources wisely

Did you know Spartanburg is home to 5 breweries? After dad finishes up the ultimate driving experience, take him up to Boiling Springs and head straight to New Groove Artisan Brewery for a “Groove is in the Tart” sour ale, then over to Plankowner Brewing Co. for their “Scurvy Dog” pale ale.

Then it’s back to Downtown Spartanburg to sample a “Son of a Peach” fruit wheat ale from RJ Rockers Brewing Company, and a “Apple of my W-Eye-NE” cider—in red or white—at Ciclops Cyderi & Brewery. Last but not least, swing by Holliday Brewing for a “Mosaic Paradise” IPA. Dad will love having you as his designated driver so he can indulge in craft brews all evening long!

Make Yourselves At Home

I’m not sleeping, I’m just resting my eyes.”
-Dads who know honesty is the best policy

man fishing at sunrise
Hike, bike, kayak, fish, and camp all at Croft State Park

After a busy day, don’t push yourselves to make the trip back home when you could sleep out under the stars or spend the night in your RV at one of our friendly campgrounds. The fun continues when you wake up in the morning to fish in peace together while the early morning fog is still dancing across the surface of the glassy lake.

Or, if dad isn’t the outdoorsy type, check into a hotel where you’re both just one keycard swipe away from flopping down in a comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing a delicious breakfast will be waiting for the two of you just a few floors down as soon as you wake up.



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