Your Day In Woodruff

Your Day In Woodruff

Your Day In Woodruff

No matter your reason for spending time in Spartanburg, venture outside of the city and explore Woodruff — one of the several small, surrounding towns that is bursting with charm.

Not sure where to start planning your day in Woodruff? We’ve got you covered with this guide on how to maximize your time and your fun when you visit this former mill-town.  


The Yellow Butterfly

If you’re a fan of just window shopping or supporting local business, then make your way down Main Street and check out The Yellow Butterfly. Opened in 2018, this shop features an assortment of jewelry, home decor, and gifts for you or everyone on your shopping list.

Once you’ve checked out The Yellow Butterfly, cross the street and head to Peachy and Posh for a variety of custom shirts, bags, hats, and more. Whether you’re shopping for a monogrammed bag, or want to check out their latest boutique brands, you should pop into Peachy and Posh during your time in Woodruff.

If your shopping habits trend more towards thrifting, then check out Woods Thrift and More. While we can’t promise you’ll find a pelican mailbox (yes they actually had one,) we can tell you that they have their fair share of interesting finds that may just fit perfectly in your home.


Mustard Seed BBQ

You’ve checked out some of the shops, you found that perfect gift, but now your stomach is starting to growl and you know there’s T minus 15 minutes until you’re officially hangry. That’s when you know it’s time to jump back in your car and head to Mustard Seed BBQ for their good ol’ country cooking. With a menu chock-full of Southern favorites like fried chicken and pulled pork, be sure to dine-in during their lunch buffet and get a taste of everything they offer. After one trip, you’ll learn why this hidden gem is a favorite among locals.

Take A Walk

Once you’ve had your share of fried foods and tea, go explore the outdoors with a walk on the Woodruff Greenway Trail which starts at the Woodruff Leisure Center just outside of downtown. This .85 mile trail is great for jogging, biking, or just taking a stroll after eating your weight in BBQ.

Tell A Story

Each April, Woodruff brings together people from across the state to tell their tales and get lost in the journey of stories during the Official Storytelling Festival of South Carolina hosted by Stone Soup Storytelling. Featuring a variety of art forms such as spoken word, poetry, and dance, Stone Soup Storytelling’s events are also a great way to experience the local art scene.


Rotties 221 Biergarten

Craft beer lovers rejoice! Downtown Woodruff is home to Rotties 221 Biergarten, a beer bar with a variety of 24 beers on draft, a variety of wines, and of course, the pub food you’ve come to know and love like pretzels and chicken wings. Be sure to check their events page to see if you can join in Music Bingo, Sip and Shop, or a Beer and Chocolate Pairing night.


As your day in Woodruff winds down, you have delicious options for dinner such as A Taste of Home if you’re looking for more of that homestyle cooking or Bronco Mexican Restaurant for those who like their dinner a bit spicier.

Demeter’s Pizza-n-Grill

But we recommend heading to Demeter’s Pizza-N-Grill where you can blend Greek, Italian, and American styles. While their menu is headlined by personal and shareable pizzas, you should also check out their authentic Greek meals such as their gyro or the souvlaki platter and get a taste of the Mediterranean.

Now that you’ve had a day full of food, fun, and shopping it’s time to head on back to your hotel or your home so you can plan your next trip to Spartanburg County.

If you found somewhere in Woodruff that you love but we didn’t mention, let us know by using #OneSpartanburg on social media. Want to experience more cool spots around Spartanburg? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!



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