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Steeped in history & bustling with adventure, Spartanburg offers southern hospitality.

Downtown commemorates Daniel Morgan, who helped turn the tide of the Revolutionary War. Along the Square, you'll find shops, restaurants, bars, and public art that will have you thinking big city. But when you talk with the people, you'll realize you've found small town friendly. Art, culture and music all have a home here. Plus our lakes, rivers and parks beg to be explored. We were born from the revolution and continue to evolve into the dynamic modern South. Visit us to explore our past, present and be a part of our future. 

What to See & Do on your next vacation in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Featured Video - Croft State Park

Croft State Park is a big park with lots to do. A green retreat in the heart of fast-growing Spartanburg County, the park offers more than 17 miles of biking and hiking trails, a playground, picnicking and camping, as well as fishing and boating in two lakes, including 165-acre Lake Craig.

Spartanburg Restaurants & Dining

There are some classic places in Spartanburg where you have to eat, like the world-famous Beacon Drive-In. And there are places that will surprise you, like Gerhard’s Cafe. You’ll find a wide range of cuisine from the staple “meat-and-three” at Wade’s, to an authentic Cuban sandwich from A Caribbean Sweetness. Don’t forget to save room for dessert!

Sports, Recreation and the Great Outdoors

Spartanburg is a playground. From our rolling hills golf courses, to our rushing rivers, to our miles of road biking routes, we’re ready when you want to play. You might also want to pack your rock climbing shoes, yoga pants, frisbee, skateboard, horseback riding gear, mountain bike...just bring your toys. You’ll find a place to play with them.

Family Fun, Attractions & Itineraries

Spartanburg is built for family fun. From immersing yourself in history, to picking your own peaches and getting closer on a working farm, Spartanburg has something for every member of the family. We've put together pre-built itineraries of 'must-see' attractions and places to visit when you bring the whole crew. Don't miss our family video series to get a first-hand look at what to expect.

Spartanburg, South Carolina Historical Attractions

Being one of the original 13 colonies, we’ve got some history. Here it is not confined to the history books, but you can see it, interact with it and even ask questions. Take the whole family to Walnut Grove Plantation, where you’ll see how settlers lived when this was “the backcountry.” There is our great textile heritage, and the history we’re making today at BMW’s only North American manufacturing plant. And don’t miss the Music Trail in downtown Spartanburg to learn about our influence on the world stage.

Arts & Culture

Spartanburg has always been a cultural hub, from back when trains from New York and Florida stopped to catch shows in our city, to today’s $40 million Chapman Cultural Center. You’ll find boutique art dealers and amazing performances from internationally-acclaimed performers to undiscovered talent.

Working Farms, Pick Your Own, and Farmers' Markets

Want to see where your food comes from? We’ve got farms that will be glad to show you! In fact, you can pick your own produce and pet the animals while you are there. If you’d rather just grab a basket of peaches or apples (or strawberries, or blueberries, or tomatoes, or cantaloupe, get the idea), then head to the farm stores or several farmer’s markets and discover all the delicious products they offer.

Made in Spartanburg

From BMWs, books and beer, to cakes, pimento cheese and duct tape, Spartanburg produces signature products. Meet the locals who make the goods known all over the world.

Shopping, Boutiques & Malls

So you like boutiques? We’ve got ‘em. Rather have a mall? Got those too. In fact you’ll find everything from indie craft to high-end art, antiques to designer fashions in Spartanburg. So whether you prefer strolling down Main Street or going on a hunt for treasure, you’ll find something to please you when you visit.


No Time to Plan? We've done it for you! Find fun half day, one day, two day and even three day adventures here. Whether you are looking for something for the whole family to enjoy, need to please the history buff in the group or are seeking thrills in the great outdoors, you'll find great suggestions for your trips.

Towns Around Spartanburg

Spartanburg County is a treasure of unique and truly 'Carolina' small towns, each a short drive and are sure to add something to your visit to Spartanburg. Find out more about each town around Spartanburg.