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Walkable Downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina

Written by Hope S. Philbrick The Hub City steps up as a hot destination that’s easy to explore on foot. There's a boom happening in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Construction is underway on multiple downtown properties, from new buildings to renovations, to expand retail, office and residential spaces. But don’t wait to visit: There’s already much to see and do in the Hub City, a nickname Spartanburg earne

6 Best Places to Enjoy the Outdoors in Spartanburg, South Carolina

It's easy to hit the trails in the Hub City. Leave job stress and that pile of laundry behind and head to Spartanburg, South Carolina, for some refreshing outdoor fun. Opportunities for adventure abound, whether you prefer to be on foot, in a kayak, on a bike, or on horseback. Here are six popular places to breathe fresh air and get your heart pumping in the Hub City, whether you plan to keep your shirt clean or s

Eight Things We Love About You, Spartanburg

Can you feel it? That's love in the air. We love the idea of big romantic gestures. But we're not good at writing poems or strumming guitar or building romantic fires. Instead, in honor of Valentine's Day, we thought we'd create a list for all the world to see. A list of why we feel the way we do about our love. So here we go: Things We Love About You, Spartanburg. Your history: Every time we visit one of yo

Resolving To See More Spartanburg in 2018

I despise New Year’s resolutions – and they don’t like me so much either. Somewhere between subtracting weight and adding exercise, between sleeping more and drinking less, I always seem to fall flat. Last year, I tried to make no resolutions. It meant I didn’t fail at any. But it also left me lacking motivation. This year, I think I’ve finally found the answer to my resolution woes. I’ve deci

Should Spartanburg consider changing its name? To Sport-anburg?

If this fall’s activities featuring athletics of all types are any indication, officials may want to consider it. Just think about the slew of special sporting events that Spartanburg has hosted over the past four months, drawing thousands of visitors and competitors to town: The Adidas Uprising Gauntlet & Summer Havoc Basketball Tournaments : In mid-July, more than 200 teams from across the country par

Spartan Race Spartanburg

What’s more poetic than Spartanburg hosting its first Spartan Race in early November? Nothing. But if you’re unfamiliar with the Spartan Race experience, understand that poetry has nothing to do with the Nov. 4-5 Carolina Beast and Sprint Weekend. If you’re unsure what we’re talking about, you’re not alone. So we’ve pulled together some frequently asked questions for those who might be interested