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Spartan Race Stories: Akash Garg

Akash Garg climbed over walls, crawled through mud and ran through fire. All he wanted was to sit down, relax and have a beer at his favorite Downtown Spartanburg spot, Main Street Pub, with his fellow Spartan Race competitors. He wanted to show off his hometown with its vibrant restaurant scene and growing downtown. Last year, sore and tired from the race, Garg had that chance. "I definitely think we should

Where to Experience Live Music in Spartanburg

Music seems to be one of the most powerful forces in our day to day lives—it can make us feel happy, sad, empowered, or even help convey difficult-to-explain emotions to another person. And when we experience music live, all those emotions seem to multiply. Today we're showcasing 3 types of places you can experience the power of live music in Spartanburg: dedicated live music venues which have a lot to offer bu

Top Things to See at the 2018 World Equestrian Games

We're starting to get really excited for the the FEI World Equestrian Games™ (WEG) coming to the Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) September 11-23, 2018. Much like the Olympics, this sporting event is held every four years and is beloved by people the world over. But while the event is well known within the global equestrian community, non-riders may not be as familiar with it. To help you better

Traditional Eats in Spartanburg County

Spartanburg is home to innovation and cutting-edge technology in business, medicine and education. But, when it comes to dining, the Hub City never forgets the classics. Spartanburg is home to more than a handful of longstanding, iconic eateries serving up menus that have rarely changed, much to the delight of diners. Southern cooking – whatever your idea of it is – can be found in Spartanburg. From a cheesebu

Handcrafted Drinks in Spartanburg, SC

Sure, you can crack open an ice cold beer, pour a nice glass of wine, or mix up a drink yourself, but sometimes life just calls for something a little more special—especially if you're away from home on a little getaway and want to enjoy food, drinks, and experiences you can't quite find anywhere else. If you're looking for thoughtfully crafted drinks in the Spartanburg area, these local favorites should be at the

Music Fills Spartanburg Streets For Spring

If it’s springtime in Spartanburg, you can just hear it. Whether you’re looking for rock, jazz, blues or music history, Spartanburg’s one-of-a-kind flavor that includes so many genres will be pleasing to any music fan’s ears. Let’s look at some of your musical options for enjoying your Spartanburg spring. Music Sandwiched In: The Music Foundation of Spartanburg presents an exciting lineup of perfor