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Spartanburg hosts two cutting-edge artist-in-residence programs that bring artists, poets and fiction writers to the city from all over the nation to “live free and create.”

The HUB-BUB artists-in-residence program, which started in 2006, has had an influence that can be seen across Spartanburg, from the mural in the Little River Coffee Bar to a memorial on the Pacolet River for the victims of a 1903 flood. Currenlty it is an 11-month program in partnership with the Spartanburg Counties Public Libraries and involves a generous amount of community work along with artist’s own projects. (864) 582-0056. hub-bub.com

Additionally, the Hub City Writers Project operates the Writers House, a downtown bungalow that annually hosts three residencies—spring, summer and fall—for early-career writers. These residents run literary programs, workshops and summer camps for locals. You can often find them working at the Hub City Bookshop. (864) 577-9349. hubcity.org

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