Whether you're a longtime local, recent transplant or just in town for a few days, The Underground Guide reveals a side of Spartanburg South Carolina you probably didn't know existed.

From jam nights to bike trails, from obscure eateries to dive bars, from the LGBT scene to the unique festivals, this site has the lowdown on the HubCity's often-overlooked attractions.



SCVB - Underground Nightlife

Southern Rock was Born Here

From small clubs to outdoor festivals, live music is everywhere. From fine wine to local brews, we give you the lowdown on wetting your whistle.


SCVB - Underground Eats

Hunger Just Met Its Match

For when your sweet tooth or your hungover need for grease, you'll be able to dine for just a few bucks. Lots of choices to fill up your feedbag here.


SCVB - Underground Arts

Stuffy Gallery, Please Step Aside

Artists are making some noise in Spartanburg. It's not all quiet galleries with big price tags. Graffiti, tattoos, temporary public displays, and performance pieces are all in the mix.


SCVB - Underground Outside

And Recess Starts....Now

This is the largest section because Spartanburg is one big playground. Here you'll find rushing rivers, rugged hiking & biking trails, miles and miles of roads for riding, plus disc golf, yoga, and a few more surprises.


SCVB - Underground Shopping

Treasures & Trolls. Get Your Wallet

We'll admit Spartanburg is no Mecca for shopping. That said, there are some finds out there along with some serious quirkiness. Dig deep and you'll come up with treasures and stories to tell.


SCVB - Underground Odds & Ends

'Cause it Just Doesn't Fit Anywhere

An eclectic assortment defying categorization deserves their own category.  From a wrestling school to sunbathing in the buff, to where our famous dead people are buried, to where you might go afterwards.