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When you've been around since 1753, you've got some stories.

Spartanburg has history and is proud of it. It is a common history shared by many, and, it is as diverse as the colors in a handmade quilt. The different perspectives and topics of our local history all come together — patched together with pride and loyalty -- telling a beautiful and complex story that is willingly shared with others. If you like history and want to understand how the past has made Spartanburg the Hub City of Upstate South Carolina, take the time to visit the many places that are dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the people, places, and events of the past that continue to shape our community.

There are so many places to visit, so many people to meet, so many stories to hear, so much history to appreciate. A good place to start (and it’s free) is the Spartanburg Regional History Museum at Chapman Cultural Center in downtown Spartanburg. Here you’ll find Spartanburg’s history laid out in major topics of interest, such as the wars, the colleges, the textiles mills, and the land. But to experience Spartanburg’s history firsthand, venture out to the actual places where it all happened… Walnut Grove Plantation, the Seay House, the Price House, Glendale Shoals Preserve, and each small town in between. Each has its own story to tell. Look for the memorials, the parks, the town squares, the cemeteries to get a better understanding of why Spartanburg is home to longstanding families, international businesses, and people looking put down roots in the deep and fertile soil of cultural growth.

Insider’s tip: Visit the Town of Landrum and notice the quilt patterns painted on walls. If your interest in history is more academic, there are many museums and libraries that have a wealth of local information to be enjoyed in the convenience of modern comforts. As you go about learning the history of Spartanburg, one thing is for sure: You’ll find that Spartanburg loves its past and loves to share it. We write about it, sing about it, re-enact it, preserve it, package it, honor it, and share it. Like a good home-cooked meal, history is best when shared with friends. Let us share our past with you because a shared past makes for a better future.

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Spartanburg History Walking Map

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Textile Town Guide

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Independence started in our backyard.

The area became accessible to settlers following a treaty struck with the Cherokee Indian nation in 1753.

Later, the Revolutionary War began, and the Spartanburg locale witnessed an impressive number of engagements; enough of which to boast of containing more battle sites than almost any other location in the U. S.

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