Featured Artist for September, Thomas Boettner

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Featured Artist for September, Thomas Boettner

Posted on Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thomas BoettnerSince 2004, Thomas Boettner has released 40 albums under his fire island, AK moniker. Boettner has been a resident of Spartanburg since 1988, and graduated from USC Upstate in 2010.

Originally, fire island, AK performed "jagged folk," in the style of The Microphones and Xiu Xiu. This early period culminated in the 2006 Ontario/US tour. Since 2006, fire island, AK has shifted, both geographically and artistically. Upon returning to South Carolina from a year spent in Fairbanks, Alaska, the project morphed into a high-concept avant-garde / power electronics / harsh noise performance unit. This is not a change in subject matter or mood, however. Merely, the tools of presentation have changed. This new fire island, AK is less music, more mood; "high-concept queer noise at its finest" (Bored Bear Recordings, Dublin, Ireland). Current output has been likened to that of Prurient, Wolf Eyes, and Black Leather Jesus.

In 2009, fire island, AK was voted best local solo performer by readers of the Spartanburg Spark. Albums have been released on British, Irish, Canadian, and American labels. You can catch fire island, AK performing at Ground Zero, located at 3059 Howard Street in Spartanburg.

Listen to Thomas Boettner's music here

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