Featured Artist For November, The Consumers

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Featured Artist For November, The Consumers

Posted on Sunday, April 15, 2012

Formed in December 2005, The Consumers have established themselves as one of Spartanburg’s most interesting original rock bands by combining accessible pop hooks and a taste for the unexpected.

The 4 original members - Mark Miller, Casey Burgess, Andrew Smith and Joe Power - banded together for a one-time, ten-song performance at Miyako Sushi Group in Spartanburg, SC. Somehow, through no advertisement, the place was absolutely packed. A couple of months later, with the addition of guitarist Wes Gosnell and 30+ ear-catching covers, they began scheduling regular gigs in Spartanburg and traveling regionally.

The early shows comprised of all cover songs helped refine and solidify the band’s chemistry and gave them the opportunity to explore their own sound through writing and recording original music. After months of discovery and collaboration The Consumers released its first self-titled EP in March of 2008. In December of 2008 and after the exit of Smith, Louis Meyers joined the band on keyboard, completing the line-up once again.

The band’s most recent release, Profiteering, is their first full-length album and certainly takes The Consumers’ sound to the next level. The songs are well-constructed statements that come together to tell the full story of the album. Lead singer Joe Power gives more insight in an interview for the Spartanburg Herald Journal: "I formulated a story around this family of four whose last name is Profit," Power said. "It's set around the Depression time. We mixed up the story by putting different songs in different places instead of just telling it from beginning to finish, kind of like a 'Pulp Fiction' thing where you get the idea even though it's edited in an unusual way."

Miller sums up the direction of the group, adding, “Since our beginnings as a cover band, we’ve wanted to attempt the unexpected, and this same attitude shapes the way our original music sounds. We want to take our listeners on an emotional rollercoaster within individual songs and throughout a collection – whether it’s a recorded album or a live show. We all, by far, prefer creative expression to pop sensibility. Some of the best things are interesting because they don’t make sense at first. We enjoy being thrown for that loop, and in turn try to throw others.”

The Consumers perform regularly in Spartanburg at places like The Cellar, Lil’ Dz, and Chiefs and have opened for well-known acts at The Handlebar in Greenville.

The band is in the process of auditioning new guitar players after the recent exit of Wes Gosnell. If you are interested in joining The Consumers and melting faces, email the band at consumersrock@gmail.com.

Listen to The Consumers here

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