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“As your walk unfolds, step by surprising step, that you begin to realize where you've arrived: in a peaceful garden in the middle of the city. Amazing how Spartanburg’s Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve makes visitors feel like they’ve made their own secret discovery.” Explore this botanical garden and four other arboretums in Spartanburg. Read more about the Gardens of Spartanburg

If you want to be more active, there is the M​ary Black Rail Trail,​which is great for walking, running and bicycling. Bikes are available for rent from the B­Cycle station at the trail head. The Rail Trail also passes by the City's dog park, so Fido can have some fun, too! If you brought your own bikes, you can get in the dirt at Duncan Park, with over 5 miles of loop riding in the city limits, or at Croft State Park, a mecca for mountain bikers. If road riding is your style, pick up maps (with turn­ by­ turn directions) at the local bike shops. Download some of our extensive cycling maps of Spartanburg

Full Day

The C​ottonwood Trail, ​is an exquisite sanctuary nestled in the heart of Spartanburg’s east side. For those with a passion for active living, the three miles of trails provide ample space for running, walking and cycling. Bird and animal watchers are certain to encounter a variety of wildlife on any excursion. And to anyone who simply wishes to have a moment of tranquility removed from the rush of city life, the trail offers a perfect refuge. Read more about the Cottonwood Trail.

Get into the stadium.​ “Attending a baseball game at historic Duncan Park stadium is a great evening activity for locals and visitors alike. Baseball has a big history in this town, from the hyper­ competitive textile league ball teams of the early 20th century to the thousands of young players who now visit Tyger River Park annually.” From our Insiders: A Night at Duncan

Tyger River Park ​is South Carolina’s premier baseball and softball tournament facility with 12 fields, a championship stadium and unmatched amenities. The older kids may be there for tournament play­­as Tyger River hosts ASA and NSA softball, and USSSA baseball­­ but the whole family will find plenty to do. There’s a playground, disc golf course, picnic shelters, concessions stands and an observation tower to check out all the action.

2 Day

Croft State Park is a big park with lots to do. A green retreat in the heart of fast­ growing Spartanburg County, the park offers more than 17 miles of biking and hiking trails, a playground, picnicking and camping, as well as fishing and boating in two lakes, including 165­acre Lake Craig.: Read more from our Insiders: If You've Never Been to Croft State Park

If being on the water is what you are after, Spartanburg has lots of choices. Paddle our blueways. “On this 50­mile stretch of waterway, one can experience both the pleasures of a slow ­moving, scenic paddle and the adrenaline rush of whitewater.” Read more:­blueway­offers­fun­for­every­level­of­paddler

Pick up waterproof maps of The Pacolet and Lawson’s Fork Blueway Map and the Tyger River Blueway Map at Upstate Forever’s Spartanburg office, local bookstores, and local outdoor outfitters.

Want to go fishing?​ L​ake Bowen,​ the largest lake in Spartanburg, is an excellent spot for large mouth bass and brim. The Pacolet River near where it meets Lake Bowen is full of bass and brim that can be caught from the shore.

Croft State Park ​is prime territory for bass, brim, and catfish. Since it is a State Park, you can rent a boat or bring your own. There’s plenty of fishing from shore, too.

The Tyger and Pacolet, are excellent places to fly­ fish. While too far east for trout, you’ll find brim and bass. Head to the Tyger-10 Park and Nature Center for great access tot he river. Read Our Sports Fishing Information or what or here: USA Today has to say about the great fishing in Spartanburg

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