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We have a long tradition of producing goods and services for the region and the rest of the world. We've been the center of the textile industry, produced more peaches than the entire state of Georgia and now we are home to a diverse collection of international companies, including BMW's only North American plant. Our food and music is known around the globe. And we're bringing new products to market all the time, like the nation's first non-profit bookstore along with coffee and beer that has a distinctive Spartanburg flavor. Meet the locals.

Music from Spartanburg

Attractions, Businesses, Products Uniquely Spartanburg

Beacon Drive-In

255 John B White Sr Blvd
Spartanburg  SC 29305
(864) 585-9387

Blue Moon Sauces

130 S Church Street
Spartanburg  SC 29307
(864) 266-2808

BMW Performance Center

1155 Hwy 101 South
Greer  SC 29651
(888) 345-4269

BMW Zentrum

1400 Hwy. 101 South
Greer  SC 29356
(864) 989-5300

Caroline's Cakes

925 Beaumont Ave
Spartanburg  SC

Daisy Cakes

308 Blackstock Rd
Pauline  SC 29374
(864) 595-7440

Dare Foods

3750 N Blackstock Rd
Spartanburg  SC 29303
(864) 574-3273

Dottie's Toffee

PO Box 687
Spartanburg  SC 29307
(864) 680-5091

Fancy Terry

455 Senn Rd
Inman  SC

Hub City Farmers' Market

298 Magnolia St
Spartanburg  SC 29306
(864) 585-0905

Hub City Writers Project

149 S. Daniel Morgan Ave, Ste 2
Spartanburg  SC 29306
(864) 577-9349

Little River Roasting

460 Marion Ave
Spartanburg  SC 29306

McGregor's Pimento Cheese

147 S Pine St
Spartanburg  SC 29302
(864) 585-3228

Milliken & Co.

920 Milliken Rd
Spartanburg  SC

Prym Sewing Supplies

950 Brisack Rd
Spartanburg  SC

RJ Rockers Brewing Co.

226-A W Main St
Spartanburg  SC 29306

Sugah Cakes

147 S Pine St
Spartanburg  SC 29302
(864) 585-3228

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There is nothing better than spending time with family and loved ones and Spartanburg has everything you need to enjoy some quality time together.

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105 North Pine Street / PO Box 1636
Spartanburg, SC 29304