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“Handmade in Sparkle City, U.S.A,” the front window said. “Dottie’s Toffee. I stop in one day and meet Nick Belmont, a personable 33­year­old Wofford College economics graduate who—with one four-­burner stove—has turned his grandmother’s recipe into a product now selling in stores across several states.” R An Insider's Guide to Dottie's Toffee from locals.

While downtown, visit the Hub City Bookshop, a revolutionary independent bookstore and one of only a handful of non­profit bookstores in the country. Here you’ll find lots of titles published by Spartanburg’s own Hub City Press. All proceeds from the sale of books fund creative writing education and independent book publishing in the community. Plus the store shares the ground floor of the landmark Masonic Temple with L​ittle River Coffee Bar​ and C​akehead Bakeshop.​ Mmmmm, coffee, pastries and books!

Full Day

“Offering an array of programs teaching everything from basic car control for teens and adults to advanced techniques used by professional drivers, the Performance Center is the only one of its kind for BMW, which manufactures 300,000 cars annually at the $5 billion plant here. Visitors from all over the country make the trip each year to try their hand behind the wheel.” Plus there is the Zentrum, the official car museum of BMW and you can take a factory tour. Read and Insiders Experience at the BMW Performance Center

After all that driving at BMW, you’ll need to relax.  ​Head over to RJ Rockers, our local brewery, for Tour and Taste on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. “The first pint is $5 and includes an RJ Rockers pint glass, and refills are $4. There’s music on the loading dock on Fridays (Hoppy Hour), and you can get the full tour of this microbrewery famous for its Son of a Peach signature beer.”

If it was a rough ride, you may need something a little stronger.​  “Bootlegging has been going on in Spartanburg for a long time. The city has its first official, legal distillery with M​otte & Sons Bootlegging Company.​  Drop in for complimentary tastings or to shop at their retail store. Motte has a beautiful showroom with a 16­foot mahogany bar, and all their products are made on site in Spanish copper­pot stills. It’s fitting that they are on Daniel Morgan Avenue, as their signature American light whiskey, distilled from corn and malted barley, is called The General. A picture of General Daniel Morgan graces the front of the bottle.” It’d make a great gift, if you can keep the top on it.

Info from T​he Underground Guide to Spartanburg.​  Pick up a copy at the H​ub City Bookshop​ and discover even more of Spartanburg.

2 Day

See the Pros up close.​The Carolina Panthers hold their training camp in Spartanburg. Practices throughout camp are free and open to the public, and parking is free. Get the full practice schedule (subject to change).​

See history up close.​The Battle of Cowpens was a complete victory of Patriot militia over British Regulars and became known as the turning point of the war in the South leading to final Patriot victory at Yorktown. It is seen as one of the most significant events in American History. Cowpens National Battlefield ​provides a great experience with a visitor center, interpretive trails, recreational facilities, restrooms, and full ­time staff. This is just one stop on the ​that explores our fight for freedom.

Have a meal at the world famous Beacon Drive In, the second oldest drive in still in operation and the only one left with car hops.

Take a safari ride at H​ollywild Animal Park ​and let the animals eat right out of your hand. Hollywild is a zoo full of celebrities. Here you can meet nearly the entire animal cast of D​ate with an Angel,​the world’s only “working” rhino, cougars featured in L​ast of the Mohicans,​and tigers featured in P​rince of Tides.​During the holiday season, make sure you go at night and experience the Holiday Lights Safari. Visitors drive their own vehicles through nearly 100 acres magically decorated with millions of twinkling lights and herds of live animals!

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