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History Rich Itineraries 

1⁄2 Day

Downtown has changed a lot since 1787, and there is no better way to see it than by standing in the places where history happened! For an interesting and convenient look into Spartanburg's past, take the H​istoric Downtown Walking Tour.​  Through this trek along the streets of downtown, you'll see numerous historic buildings and sites within the central city area.

The S​partanburg Music Trail​ honors musicians from Spartanburg who have made a national or international impact in the world of music. There are stops spotlighting musical artists in such genres as country, gospel, soul, rock 'n' roll and more. At each stop on the trail you can hear the music by using your smartphone.

Full Day

Explore the Revolutionary heritage ​of the Spartanburg with R​evWarTour.com.​T​his self­ guided driving tour includes significant sites of the American Revolution all over the county. A full day and a half day option help tell the story of our fight for freedom.

Dig deep into our Textile heritage.​  Spartanburg’s textile industry began in 1816, and the community grew to become one of the nation’s mightiest textile centers. ​TextileTownTour.com shows you a business from the 1800’s that is still operating today, along with mills that now have a second life after significant changes in the industry. The half day tour offers an overview with a breakfast and lunch option. The full day provides an in­ depth adventure with an opportunity for three meals.

2 Day

Finding local history. "The Regional History Museum at the Chapman Cultural Center should certainly be your first stop among the fine museums our county has to offer. The American Legion Museum at Duncan Park covers all things military, every branch of service from World War I to​the present. Spartanburg’s old nickname, “the Hub City,” has enjoyed a revival in recent years, but its origin as a reference to the many railroad lines that converged here is often overlooked. The H​ub City Railroad Museum​ has done a great deal to correct that, tracing the beginnings of local railroads back to 1849. Many of Spartanburg County’s smaller towns also have small community museums. One of the best is in the o​ld freight depot​ in Cowpens, where a small museum covers some of the town’s history as well as the story of the USS Cowpens, a World War II naval vessel.” From the Insiders: Finding Local History at Four Museums

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Historic activities and attractions abound in the Spartanburg area. Travel back in time and relive these events.

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“Conducting, or ‘waving my arms’ as some people call it, is only ten percent of my job,” said Sarah Ioannides.

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