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Spartanburg Weather Forecast Spartanburg, South Carolina, weather forecast

For your convenience when deciding what to pack, we’ve included weather averages to make those decisions easier and less stressful.


  High Low Precipitation
January 34 F/12 C 30 F/-1 C 4.89”
February 59 F/15 C 32F/0 C 4.32”
March 67 F/19 C 38 F/3 C 5.19”
April 76 F/24 C 45 F/7 C 3.51”
May 82 F/27 C 55 F/12 C 4.13”
June 87 F/30 C 63 F/17 C 4.20”
July 91 F/33 C 67 F/19 C 3.93”
August 90 F/32 C 67 F/19 C 3.84”
September 84 F/29 C 60 F/16 C 3.79”
October 75 F/24 C 47 F/8 C 3.97”
November 65 F/18 C 38 F/3 C 3.79”
December 56 F/13 C 32 F/0 C 4.39”

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